Our Vancouver Economy is great, but it can be better. We can bring more businesses and jobs to Vancouver.
1. We need to invite more businesses of all sizes to relocate to Vancouver and Clark County.
2. I plan to support and vote for any policy that draws domestic and international companies to our beautiful city.
      A. We have thousands of people that drive to Oregon every day for work. They spend hours in traffic to work in a different city and State. As a city we need to create an environment that is business friendly so that we can have more good paying jobs in Vancouver.
        B. Vancouver has railroad that can be very beneficial to some of the large companies.
    C. The Vancouver Port is an incredible asset and we should look at ways to develop its full potential
        D. City of Vancouver, the Mayor and City Council are open, inviting and willing to work and accommodate all business that bring job and prosperity to our city.
3.  We have miles of Beautiful Columbia River shore. We need to encourage more development of apartments, hotels, restaurants, office and retail space. This way more people will benefit of our beautiful Columbia River. This type of development will bring more tourists to Vancouver which will increase revenue and jobs for the local economy. 
4. We need to cut through unnecessary red tape that prevents business start-ups and growth. Prospering businesses simply means more good jobs, more money to spend for our residents and better quality of life. That will grow our economy and bring more revenue for our schools, infrastructure and local administration.
1, The City’s Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for many programs that together help to ensure Vancouver continues to be a great place to live, work and grow. Unfortunately many times there is too much red tape that slows or prevents many developers from building. As a council member I plan to vote down and work against any new regulations that are not necessary. I have personally experienced some of the excessive and unnecessary regulations.  
      I intend to do anything I can as a council member to make building and permitting services much more efficient.
2. We all know homelessness is a problem in our city and many other in the nation.
For this:
       A. We need to discourage all able bodied people that can work and do not want to work from staying on the streets in our city.
     B. We need to support and enable our law enforcement. They need to be able to remove from the street anybody that breaks the law or are a danger to our residents and threat to our property.
     C. We have a duty as a society to help everyone less fortunate who are able and willing to work. We need programs that can help these people get off the streets and get back to functioning members of society.
       E.  Homelessness is more a addiction problem before is a housing problem.  We need to help people get clean and this will solve in most part this problem.
This is a sad reality for most major cities. OMO's Eric Johnson explores the impact the drug and homelessness problem is having on Seattle, he conclud "Seattle is Dying."
We do not want our city to get to to that point.




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